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  Photogrammetry Solutions

NST Offers comprehensive services in the field of Digital Photogrammetry ,  Our analytical photogrammetry and aerial mapping department is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the nation. We offer wide range  of photogrammetry services our extensive technical resources, infrastructure and global delivery capability benefits us to provide qualitative and cost effective services to the customers worldwide.NST has the capability to manage and execute projects of nearly unlimited scope in a timely manner. We have the capability to simultaneously complete numerous large projects.


NST has an experienced Photogrammetry team equipped with the latest in digital soft copy Photogrammetry systems. We offer leading edge, professional mapping services which are time effective with 100% client satisfaction. NST sticks to the high quality deliverables to reach the customer satisfaction level in all aspects by adopting stringent procedures under the surveillance of expert’s team. The data processes under various levels of quality systems such as online quality checks (at production stage), exclusive quality checks (after production), and pre-delivery check.


In Photogrammetry service are as follows:


High precision large and small scale mapping
Aerial Triangulation
Generation of Digital Elevation Models
Ortho-rectified image mapping using high precision orthorectification techniques.
Infrastructure mapping
3-D modeling and
Variety of value-added products
Lidar Data Processing

LiDAR is a technology that uses a laser scanner mounted in an aircraft to actively scan the terrain below.Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) generate accurate height data and intensity images with the aid of IMU and GPS data, which help to model the earth's surface in detail. It is a highly accurate and cost effective application.


NST has state-of-the-art technology for carrying out airborne LIDAR data processing and classification for DEM / contour generation. NST in association with their partner's instrumentation facilities and with its core strength of LIDAR planning & processing can carry out complete production cycle of airborne LIDAR data acquisition.


NST has the complete understanding of LAS format and has developed custom built utilities for easy classification of LIDAR points. Navayuga has processed LIDAR Data for more than 4000 Sq.Km around the World.

NST's general LIDAR services include :

GPS-IMU processing for estimation of smooth flight trajectories;

Consulting for Flight Planning Support; Pre processing of raw LIDAR data to derive the point clouds in LAS format or other industry standard format.

GPS Processing for static & Kinematic Surveys

Classification of LIDAR points into Ground, vegetation, building etc; Generating    contours/ orthoimages from LIDAR derived DEM

Mapping from ortho in association with LIDAR data; True ortho photo generation

3D building extraction and Power line processing

Cross section, L-section profile generation; Cut-fill Volume estimation

Lidar Experience and Expertise :

NST Experts are involved in ground control survey and    processing  of GPS and IMU data for >1000 km

Creation of DEM / contour, Digital Ortho Photo, and    topographic mapping in various terrain conditions of the    world; Classification of LIDAR data into vegetation,    Ground, Power line, Buildings, Road; Powerline data    classification mapping for -25 line Km; Breakline and DEM /    contour generation for >600 Sq km; Seamless colour    balanced Ortho-images mosaic generation with integrated    digital camera data for > 600 Sq km

Calibration of LIDAR - DC system; The data processing expertise

of NAVAYUGA personnel is mainly in  Applanix POSPAC for GPS/IMU processing

Navayuga has strong expertise in LIDAR Data Classification

Feature Verification / Confirmation through Cross Sectional View of Las Points.